Haunted Houses

by Ghost Cat

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Joe Davis
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Joe Davis I saw it all begin from here. I fell in love at first listen and have been along for the ride ever since. I'm glad to see them still trekking along even after all the sorrow.

This album never ceases to grow. Clearly this House lies on Ash Tree Road. Favorite track: Coughin' Party.
Sophia Mariano
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Sophia Mariano Haunted Houses will always be one of my favorites. This is the first album that really got me into the local South FL scene and exposed me to Ghost Cat and all the other great bands that have so much talent. Favorite track: Coughin' Party.
Zach Roth
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Zach Roth musicurious.tumblr.com/post/12318394034/ghost-cat-haunted-houses

"Haunted Houses brings me back a few years— like early Hot Cross, but happier, more anthemic." Favorite track: Coughin' Party.
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released October 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Ghost Cat Jensen Beach, Florida


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Track Name: Marshmallow Teeth
we fall like bridges to the water, smiling like nothing ever hurt, it's just the fading to the darkness, should I fight to keep breathing, I am the atrophy in the sentence and we're blowing in the wind my dear, if you can't be the one for my pockets, then I'll be the one for your feathers; as our anemic love coats the sky, I'll always keep repeating, it's the bones that keep me standing, when my muscles start to shake, stay in me, I couldn't paint the picture, that threw our home away, if you can't be the one for my pockets, I'll be the one for your feathers, if i could break these ribs, that no longer fill me, I'd dive head first off the free way, my friends open doors to make sure I'm not trying to sleep my life away, what can I do with all this rain, I've been hiding for days, and I'm losing it's the same, if I was a, you'd b leaving, and I'm so blue, guess you never knew, how the light adjusted my thoughts, M says don't stop smiling, don't stop, if you can't be the one for my pockets
Track Name: Invisibility? Check!
Let me take your heavy heart,
we're still screaming at the waves and if heaven disapproves,
we'll bury god under his weight

And it's breaking me, it's breaking me
how we're breaking our eyes for better ways to say,
"see me, save me, I'm dying"
so I'm saving my heart from every single word,
alone? well I've been alone!
like the nights in the hospital,

So tear along the flesh,
we'll seperate the bone,
oh heaven forbid I should ever find sleep,
or even my home

So breathe in for safety we still sink in the sea,
"above and below is just so"mething I say
Above and below!
Feel the floor as we fade

And it's breaking me, it's breaking me
how we're breaking our eyes for better ways to say,
"see me, save me, I'm dying"
so I'm saving my heart from every single word,
alone? well I've been alone!
like the nights in the hospital,

They grab our hands,
take us away
into the breeze we sway,
above the trees, above the clouds, I'm at ease
Hope wraps my thoughts into knots screaming
"Come my way"

It's not me, it's not me, it's these roots that tangle me
And I painted pretty pictures,
of the time I spent at sea,
you sea, I've got proof yet you'd never believe me

Away to the ocean,
away to the sea
sick of ambers and oranges
those skies always looked grey to me
Track Name: Coughin' Party
I'm a grave,
and we're buried for memory
passing the streets I learned to breathe,
and it's grave when I've hidden all this time

These sheets stay shut
from the shutters frame in time,
adjust the aperture and I'm weightless
look at me,
the fragile frame of a boy,
who fought the world

Again we fall as the light flashes,
and we're breathing slowly
if I gave the sun the chance to breathe,
I'd have no motivation, to forgive the ticking of time
Like fish to the sea and we're staring at wrists,
"yours were so perfectly defined..."

Well I'm all out,
done partin' my teeth for your pretty sleep
my words stay held like the calloused lines,
etched deep in your bones
so I shake

So I shake as they prode through my skin,
how do we live when our home starts collapsing?
Somewhere I wrote it in Las Cruces
Above the same tree tops, the way we fell asleep,
tie my words to honest confessions,
I gave my worth in pennies and pictures,
painted shorelines I hated
Reminisced on happiness we know that has faded

And through the ambulance window,
I never pictured myself fading
Like the cities I've slept with,
like the people I've laughed with,
like the happiness I'm promised,
like the love that's never honest

I'm slowly losing my patience
Track Name: My dad the werewolf, my mom the zombie
We're like keys in these unforgiving seas,
and you're shaking from your skeleton
I've never seen you this much at ease,
you wrote about your sickness
eating away at your bones
And your words fall,
I hope you find your way back home
without the shivers and endless banter

I won't fear the sickness in your eyes,
just the comforting tone and we're all alone
I never had the desire to take on heaven,
or have the desire to believe in it

Nothing's the matter with me

Show me bright eyes
as we shake in the dark
where do we go when we're paving lefts
concrete and asphalt
I carry your heart to the seams in my chest
and we all breathe alone
show me pretty lives where we only die

I am an endless sea of empty vessels
drowning in shards of glass and I find it hard to be this
existence, the monument of a greater man
and I remember you'd take us out to see

And I take every second away
I hide the quality of light and capture the shadow
I'm living through my bones
I couldn't begin to imagine,
you'd understand reading this